Example English Essay : “Electronic game’s influence at nonage”

Electronic games

In globalization, human always have some purpose by their experience. They always imagine how far it can be useful for their daily life. The ability for upgrade the world seem clearly in human activity. They try for change the world’s custom, from traditional to better future. It all just for make all people feel and reach the happiness. Because it, they spend lot of money, energy, time moreover everything. The impact has been feel in human living, in other hand it increase development of economy, social, culture, even politic. Globalization is the main factor of science, technology, information and communication. By that main factor, human return to make a new thing and brilliant idea. One of them is a famous words that almost all people in the world know that called Game especially Electronic game. An electronic game is a game that employs electronics to create an interactive system with which a player can play. The most common form of electronic game today is the video game, and for this reason the terms are often mistakenly used synonymously. Other common forms of electronic game include such non-exclusively-visual products as handheld electronic games, standalone systems (like pinball, slot machines, or electro-mechanical arcade games), and specifically non-visual products (like audio games). There are electronic game sets for chess, draughts and battleships. Electronic Game generally has made by expert people, and produced for all people especially young generation.

Young generation or usually called nonage is the main target of game production, people has known the young’s curious is very influential. It means young people is the one of “globalization victim”, globalization has entered at every activity and made game being one of them.

By this essay will researched how game electronic influenced at nonage, how far it will investigated. Most people think if game can make negative impact but in the other side if we dig mostly game in fact have the positive impact. This essay will describe about it. The essay is not just have some influenced but the main purpose is make people especially young how it works. From this describe hopeable can increase the knowledge and maybe can avoid from the negative impact.

Young substantively unwitting ever try even play game, because everywhere we go always have game, nevertheless it’s so different style and form. Talking about electronic game always connecting by electronic tools, because almost electronics tools have electronic game, it purpose to increase interest thing. They maybe think by this method the purchasing power and production being increase. Every human activity always use electronic device, start from gadget, television, and the other device. It means game electronic also very close with human. All people in the world that have every kind of device will use the feature. Young at nonage also feel it, they is the most peoples that use the electronic device in their daily life. Young at under consideration also talking about children. In fact Children age is the time that placed game in their period. Game according many people more over the parents is very influential in study achievement. Because the time for study will be gone, children just take care for their game. Now for more understand about the influence, the essay lade the influence of electronic game. It comprise the negative and positive thing about game :

The negative influence is :

  1. Make addiction effect, by the research people with game everyday inclined spend their time to have the better result from this game. Every game certainly have some things that must reached by gamers (called gamers for people that often play the game). For the example if gamers reach Level 4 in other time they must reach the highest Level or score. Because the reason people will have curious felling and try to make it more. By the addiction effect, people especially young at nonage isn’t thinking clearly to their works because this matter, they just thinking day by day and time by time about this game.
  2. Disturbing Social real life

By concern with electronic game, the society living will be disturbed. When the requirement to talking with other people very less people can be isolated. Finally no one else can make relation with gamers.

  1. Disturb the Healthy

Generally when everyday just face the electronic game maybe the gamers forget to keep their healthy, maybe because it their so rare to eat end in sick. Playing electronics game also make the eyes broken, when gamers playing very serious they eyes capacity will reduced, finally nerve abnormally and blood can’t pump usually.

  1. Disturbing Education

Nonage is the time when people must supplied by education, moreover technology is the one of them. But technology without education is like a “small potatoes” it means education is most important than electronic game. Electronic game is a part of knowledge but if it very excessive it will make negative impact and damage gamers.

  1. Influence at Future

When the nonage has been disturbed by excessive electronic game, so it can influenced the future. Much people influenced in nonage make their future broke and finally difficult to get job and many other effort. The expert say the success in the future determinable from nonage especially young. Because it can process their brain to make their daily activity.

By the explanation of electronic game influence, we know if using electronic game excessively can give the inflict impact.

In controvertion about negative influence of electronic game, there is make some research about electronic game benefit. Some of researcher from university of Rochester in New York, America make some research about positive influence by playing electronic game. By this research, gamers wiith age 18-23 separated in two part. First part gamers that trained by game Medal of Honor (FPS famous game). They play it one hour everyday during ten days. The result is the gamers have more focus to the matter in their surrounded area, if compared by gamer that rare to play, especially people that never play anymore. The gamers also can have a control something in same times.

Action genre of electronic game have more benefit, and it’s a fact explanation from Daphne Bavelier, nerve expert from Rochester. By this research also surprised because the learning process by playing the game in fact, more quickly adsorb anyone. In the other words, game can support our brain that have some problem in concentration.In the other side, research for the second part that called gamer that training with Tetris, not like Medal of Honor. Tetris game just focused on one thing, at one time. The conclusion is they with Medal of Honor have increased in Visual different with tetris. Many kind of quest in action game can train to many visual aspect on School curriculum.

According to professor Angela McFarlane, Director of teacher evaluating educational multimedia, teachers have some problem to benefitted game at school because game using isn’t the school curriculum. In other research also showed game Battle of Hasting ( battle game) where gamers as soldier or general in this game, it also give some benefits to players. According the research this games can increase skill of negotiation, take a decision, or overplanning and strategic thinking.

At the other hand, researcher in Massachusetts Institute of Technology say electronic game can increase healthy and make blood pressure inclined descend. Playing game also decrease the senile at old age. By the explanation, the conclusion is :

  • Be a comfort activity that serve social interaction
  • Build work spirit or teamwork when playing with multiplayer game
  • Increase young confident
  • Envolving ability of analyze problem
  • Make youth at nonage comfortable by technology
  • Train coordinated between eyes and hand or usually called motoric skill

Influenced of electronic game substantively not only influential at nonage, but for adult. The positive and negative impact also can happen to all people. Want or not certainly, it will be happen. It just depend in ourself, how to benefitted all technology especially electronic game. If we use it not excessively we will get the positive impact but in the other side if use it excessive just can broke our life. Nonage is a time for receive many technology influence. So by sorted the technology impact. Young at nonage can feel the positive influence.

NP: im not too fluent in English, its just sharing bt my english assignment at High School. Im sorry if any wrong English structure and other Errror. Thanks


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