Narrative Text

Name : Reynaldo R.K Montolalu

Class: XI-IPA 2

A Memorable Journey

The beautiful day with bright cloud adorn the world. Today is Sunday, me and my friends just enjoyed the day with gather breath in our dorm bed. I studied in one of favorite school in flower city Tomohon; walked and enjoyed the natural world is my predilection. So there is an idea for have a short trip. We thought and thought again, where we will go. Finally, we decided for went to a place that famous with the beauty of nature and completed with the religious aura that made everyone who came to that place can released their problems or busyness because the air that still fresh and cool. It’s true that I once had gone to that place, and because of that I wanted to invite my friends to there.

For the security, we went to ask the permission of the dormitory’s security officer to go outside, and then we received the permission with the time limit. This dorm was had so many rules, and one of the rules was: came back as the time limit were said. For we will not had problems, we must came back as the time limit.

Because the place was close with the dorm, we planned to go with walking but after we thought again it was good if we ridded a public transportation vehicle so we could arrive at the place with fast. After a while, there was a car that passed through and the driver offered us to rent him to bring us to the place. When we arrived to the place, step by steps of stairs we passed to the top of the place, accompanied by some religious statues, made our hard trip became easy trip. And, we must passed through a dark underway that had a room inside, decorated with holes that used to sunlight place, so it could showed the current time. On the way outside, it had a wonderful place, which is a pool that had beautiful fishes and water lilies. Such a wonderful because of the fresh air, green grasses that shaped carpets that entertained every eye that saw the place.

Step by step accompanied by pine trees on the right and the lift we passed to when we arrived at a marvelous beautiful place, groups of little yellow flowers shaped like a colorful flower on the wild natures, decorated by a unique architecture chapel, and we can saw a beautiful Lokon Mountain that casted out some white smokes, signed that the mountain was still active.

Suddenly, a condition where we didn’t want to happen was happened. The sky began to cover by dark clouds, and rain began to pour. While ran we searched for a place to defended ourselves, but the rain already made our clothes wet. So cold, we ran until we found a house that can be used to rest until the rain stopped. We wait for a long time, but the rain didn’t stop. The cold temperature touched our bodies. Our clothes was wet and so hard to dried on that condition.

With thought the rule that was given, we decided to struggled the cold stormy rain with the appeared of fogs. We ran to the bottom with the deadly cliff on the left. Because the fog, we didn’t know where is the way to go outside. Only instinct that made us keeps running. Meanwhile, we were stunned by the way that divided the left way and the right way. We decided to take the right way, but we were wrong, as we went to the right way, it was a dead end. Then we decided to come back to the dividing way, and chose the other way. Finally, we found some houses of civilization and we sure will bring us to the main street. Because we get tired to ran, we then walked. After a while of walking, we then find the main street, ridded a public transportation vehicle and went back to the dorm. Such an amazing  unforgettable experience.


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